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The Pyramid Tea Bag

Premium coarse pieces for the best flavor

We all know how it is. Sometimes you just need a quick cup of tea, so even passionate tea drinkers fall back on a practical solution – for instance at the office or for a quick break during the day. But why should you give up the first-class flavor of loose tea? With our wide range of Teabreak® flavors, you don’t have to. The pyramid-shaped bag gives the tea plenty of room to be surrounded by water and to expand. That makes the flavor, especially intense. Anyone who appreciates the convenience of tea bags, but still wants to enjoy full-bodied tea flavor will be very happy with Teabreak®.

Highest-Quality Packaging

- Flavor-neutral, compostable filter fabric made from renewable raw materials
- Shrink-wrapped pouch protects the flavor
- Reclosable flip-top box
- The latest environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques


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Tested Quality

All of the ingredients used in our Teabreak products are conscientiously chosen by experienced tea tasters. Then they are tested at LEON, the accredited food laboratory, before being combined into creative tea mixtures. Quality and safety are at the heart of everything we think and do.