Indian Highlands


This Teabreak® organic tea from the Indian highlands is irresistible by nature. A tea that entices connoisseurs to brew carefully and drink mindfully. The elegant, aromatic taste is a treat for the senses and a boost for the spirit. Simply magical!

Ingredients: Assam black tea leaves*, India black tea leaves*.


Japan Sencha


Indulged by the sun and prepared carefully, our organic Japan Sencha tea stands for the best green tea has to offer. A versatile classic – once you taste it – you won’t be able to resist. Thanks to its mild and refreshing taste, Teabreak® organic Japanese Sencha is perfect for anyone new to green tea. Give it a try!

Ingredients: Sencha green tea leaves*.


Matcha Mint


Our unique Matcha Mint has something for everyone. Don’t believe us? Then it’s time to give it a try. An ideal blend of green tea, mint, and Japanese Matcha makes this Teabreak® organic tea a refreshing drinking experience. The perfect companion for the office or at home.

Ingredients: Sencha green tea leaves*, spearmint leaves*, Matcha green tea*, natural flavor.


Passion Fruit Orange


No wonder that Passion Fruit Orange was one of the first flavored fruit tea blends we ever made. Passion fruit and orange simply belong together. That‘s the only way we can explain this deliciously harmonious taste. They are a perfect pair, especially when we add apple, hibiscus blossoms, and elderberries. We hope you enjoy your relaxing Teabreak® organic fruit tea experience!

Ingredients: apple pieces (apple*, citric acid), hibiscus petals*, elderberries*, carrot pieces*, orange peels*, natural flavor, passion fruit pieces (apple puree concentrate*, passion fruit concentrate*).


Strawberry Currant


Strawberry and red currant combine into a delicious whole in this lively, natural Teabreak® organic fruit tea which has plenty of spirit. It packs a fun and fruity punch that will entice your senses. Also makes an easy, delicious, and refreshing cold drink for summer relaxation.

Ingredients: apple pieces*, hibiscus petals*, raisins*, elderberries*, natural flavor, blackberry leaves*, strawberry pieces*, raspberry pieces*, red currants*.


Tulsi Chai


Calm down, let loose, build up your courage, and just take time to focus on you. It’s easy, with our Teabreak® organic Tulsi Chai. We refined the tulsi leaf, considered holy by the Indian people, by adding other delicious herbs. Now it’s up to you to utilize this fresh and spicy herbal combination to do something good for yourself.

Ingredients: coriander*, spearmint leaves*, nettle leaves*, tulsi herb*, ginger root pieces*, orange peels*, apple pieces*, cinnamon*.


Moringa Ginger


Come with us on an exciting journey into the world of this unique Teabreak® organic tea blend. A pleasant spicy hint of ginger fuses into an exciting, fruity orange aroma. And the best thing? The tea also contains moringa leaves. In Indian thought, the moringa tree is known as the tree of life, and is believed to offer many interesting properties. A fruit tea for cultural connoisseurs.

Ingredients: apple pieces*, hibiscus petals*, natural flavor, ginger root pieces*, orange peels*, moringa leaves*, lemongrass*.


Orange Rooibos


To all the connoisseurs – take some time out just for you, and let this Teabreak® organic herbal tea inspire you. Specially selected herbs like moringa and chamomile and a fine orange taste offer you a full program of indulgence. You deserve it!

Ingredients: apple pieces*, rooibos*, fennel*, ginger root pieces*, cinnamon*, raspberry leaves*, moringa leaves*, chamomile blossoms*, orange peels*, natural flavor, cornflower petals*.

Black Tea

Teabreak English Breakfast®

This traditional tea blend is one of the most popular teas in the world. Its secret lies in the full-bodied and highly aromatic blend of selected Assam and Ceylon teas. These are still grown using traditional methods in Asia today and are carefully harvested by hand. Why not try it with milk as well for a change? People in India and England enjoy it that way every day.

Ingredients: black tea -Ceylon, -Assam.


Teabreak Lemongras Vanilla®

Made with valuable vanilla, this fine tea blend will captivate you from the moment you taste it. Herbs and tangy lemongrass specially selected by our tea tasters combine to create a fine herbal tea that can be enjoyed with a meal just as much as during a tea break – and it can enjoyed any time of the day, because it doesn’t contain any stimulating caffeine.

Ingredients: apple pieces (apple, acidifier: citric acid), lemongrass (20 %), rooibos, vervain leaves, roasted chicory root, artificial flavor, lemon peels, blackberry leaves, vanilla pieces (1 %), marigold petals.


Teabreak Sunberry®

The Sun-kissed berries and flowers will bring summer into your cup of tea. Our classic tea seduces your senses with its intense flavors of ripe raspberries, strawberries and elderberries, and its intense ruby red color. Pure fruit enjoyment – children love it in the summer as a refreshing iced tea.

Ingredients: apple pieces, hibiscus petals (34 %), rose hips (10 %), elderberries (7 %), artificial flavor, orange peels, strawberry pieces (0.5 %), raspberry pieces (0.5 %).


Teabreak Tropical Fruits®

Pineapples ripened in the tropical sun give this exciting tea blend its exotic flavor. Made with pieces of papaya and mango, even just the bright yellow color the delicately fruity tea adopts when it is brewed will make you feel the sun.

Ingredients: apple pieces (apple, acidifier: citric acid), candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar) (15%), candied papaya pieces (papaya, sugar) (7 %), candied mango pieces (mango, sugar)(4 %), rose hips, artificial flavor, lemongrass.


Teabreak Green Mint®

This popular tea composition made from aromatic cool mint and mild Chinese green tea will not only treat you to a delicately flavored beverage and a refreshing lift, but is also a fine alternative for work or a break during the day. Try it!

Ingredients: green tea, spearmint (20 %), vervain leaves, artificial flavor, cornflower petals (1 %).


Teabreak Indian Earl Grey®

Earl Grey is one of the most popular aromatised teas in the world. Strong Indian teas like Assam tea, which is amber-colored when brewed, delicately fragranced red safflower petals and the tempting full-bodied flavor of bergamot complement each other here to create a fine oriental tea blend.

Ingredients: black tea (95 %), artificial flavor, safflower petals (0,5 %).


Teabreak Chai Chocolate®

A wonderful aromatic interaction hides behind this mildly spicy chai – because the taste of dark chocolate is uniquely intertwined with the sweet spice of cinnamon. It‘s an exciting taste experience for the special tea moment.

Ingredients: rooibos, cocoa peels (35 %), cinnamon (6 %), artificial flavor, fennel, aniseed, vanilla pieces (0.7 %).


Teabreak Desert Blossom®

Quiet like the desert, pretty like the cactus flower and sweet like the taste of mango and ripe peaches, it is a balanced tea composition perfect for a short break from stressful everyday life.

Ingredients: green rooibos, artificial flavor, cactus petals (3 %), cornflower petals (0.5 %).


Teabreak Eternal Life®

When you reach for this tea, you should take a moment to enjoy it – because the aroma of fresh apricots and jasmine pamper the senses. The fruity taste that compensates for the green tea harmonizes the mind and body. Who wouldn‘t dream of eternal life?

Ingredients: green tea, white tea, artificial flavor, red and black currants, apricot pieces (apricot, riceflour) (1 %), ginseng root, cornflower petals (0.5 %).


Teabreak Moringa Lemon®

You feel the positive power of nature with each sip of this tea – because the refreshing lemony taste of this tea gives you the life-strength you need, in addition to the balanced nutrition of Moringa and other precious herbs. It gives new vitality while contributing to a healthy, balanced diet.

Ingredients: green tea, ginger pieces (10 %), moringa leaves (10 %), orange peels (8 %), natural flavor, lemon peels (3 %), sunflower petals.